Richardson's Beach Park (Hawaii Island)

A mesmerizing beach with black sand and tonnes of fish
Despite decades of frequent human visits, the fish variety in this park on a black sand beach is exceptionally high. Additionally, there appears to be something that giant green sea turtles find appealing because they frequently graze on algae so avidly that snorkelers nearby risk being struck by an eager flipper

A difficult trek leads to pristine blue seas.

A difficult trek leads to pristine blue seas.

Never fails to astound, the beauty of the snow-white sand, the violet-tinged sea, and the vegetation behind the beach. The numerous lava formations in the ocean close to shore are hugged by the nicest reef.

Beach Manini, Kealakekua Bay

A sweet, undiscovered beach is a gem that is simple to overlook

Locals and devoted patrons love it and frequent it frequently. Manini, which is small, green, and shaded and is tucked within Kealakekua Bay's southern coastline, is called after the striped reef fish.

Mahukona, Kohala

Over an unusual underwater landscape, a reef has formed.

Rapidly, the water is getting deeper. Typically, the visibility is astoundingly good. Look for anything here, including boulders covered with reefs and clouds of surgeonfish.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

View Hawaii in a way that you have never done before.

One of The Travel Channel's "Top Ten World's Best Helicopter Experiences" is a helicopter tour of Hawai'i Island. Try the "Laupahoehoe Landing" waterfall adventure at the ground of a 1200-foot waterfall; it's a famous spot for romantic moments like marriage proposals and weddings.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Famous beach with palm trees and marine turtles that seems slightly unreal

Gold, green, and red colored sand beaches can be found in Hawaii. However, the Big Island is most renowned for its black sand beaches because of the island's ongoing volcanic activity. Coconut trees border the beach, standing out against the obsidian sand.

Snorkel with Manta Rays

Every night off Kona, gentle giants make a presence.

Manta rays are common in most oceans, but Kona is likely the only location where visitors may swim with them each evening when they emerge to feed on plankton. A scuba or snorkel plunge with them would be an incredible experience because they are completely safe to be around.

Kayak in Kealakekua Bay

Visit this historic conservation region to get up close to aquatic life.

The ancient Kealakekua Bay, a Marine Life Conservation District about 12 miles south of Kailua-Kona, is one of the best areas to watch marine species. From spinner dolphins to flame angelfish, the water is filled with biodiversity

Park at Kahaluu Beach in Kailua-Kona

Approximately 6 miles south of Kailua Town, along Alii Drive, is a snorkeler's paradise

Clear water with a moderate depth of 8–10 feet replaces murky water caused by people coming and leaving. On the bottom, there are numerous little coral heads that are occupied by fish such as saddle wrasse, lavender tang, and elaborate butterflyfish.

Halape Campground

An 8-mile hike ends with pristine lakes as the prize.

Halape, with its pristine white sands and lone tidepools, is a treasure well worth the hiking expense. The trek is hot but the scenes are expansive. Although young, the reef is thriving.

Sea & Sail Kohala

The perfect way to start a little romance could be to go whale watching after twilight.

Catch the swanky 34-foot sloop Riva in Kawaihae South Harbor, just down the hill from the ranching community of Waimea and a short drive from the Kohala Coast resorts.

Ueshima Coffee (UCC)

You may be surprised if you pay attention to a very special stage of the milling process.

On this 26-acre farm, you may take a free tour and see coffee plants in all phases of development, from blossom to cherry. Your trip will be enhanced by the guide's explanation of how Kona coffee farms' sloping, volcanic growing conditions are created.

Manta Learning Center

Your interest about these animals is sated by exhibits, videos, and live dialogues.

The hotel's 700-square-foot Manta Learning Center features pictures of several of them and broad details on the anatomy, life cycle, eating, reproduction, and behavioral tendencies of manta rays.

Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens

An alluring and captivating combination of native and exotic plants and animals

Additionally, there are numerous turtle species, geckos, iguanas, red tegu lizards, skinks, frogs, and a butterfly house at the free zoo. Numerous types of trees, and palms, including the colorful red sealing wax palm, shrubs, exotics, and flora used by the ancient Hawaiians, including taro, ti, tree fern, banana, and awa, grace the zoo grounds.

Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots

These iconic photo opportunities near the Wailuku River are well-known in Hawaiian mythology.

The Wailuku River, the state's second-longest tributary, is lined with these two geological landmarks for 18 miles. Visit Rainbow Falls early in the day to almost certainly see a rainbow. The 80-foot waterfall's magnificent rainbows that emerge in the morning mist are its claim to fame.

Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii
A 3D full-dome planetarium with exciting shows and old Friday night programming is fun. Visit Science on a Sphere to view dynamic planetary statistics on a six-foot-diameter globe, including storms, ocean temperature, and surface formations. Attend an ever-changing kaleidoscope of pictures provided by the Hubble Space Telescope's home institution, the Space Telescope Science Institute, at the ViewSpace exhibit

Kona Joe Coffee

A stunning enterprise that accomplishes something unique is located not far from Kailua.

The coffee plants are organized like grape vines on this unique Kona farm, a patented idea that allows the plants to catch more sun and produces up to 35% more of premium Blue Ribbon coffee.

Hualalai Golf Course
The famous 17th hole combines aspects of natural beauty and difficulty. Despite being only 164 yards, the shoreline setting and pin placement provide for a challenging test of skill. This hole is the ideal location to observe humpback whales playing in the distance throughout the winter.

Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Hawaii is more than simply coffee and sugar; stop to discover and sample the native vanilla of Hawaii.

The farm cultivates and sells vanilla in addition to providing farm outings, tea courtesy, vanilla tastings, and luncheons with a vanilla theme.

Mauna Kea Golf Course
The Mauna Kea Golf Course was fashioned out of old lava trails and is appropriately situated on Hawaii Island where active lava gushes are still pushing toward the sea

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