New York to Hawaii Flights

Want to travel from New York to Hawaii then just visit Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines offer a comfortable package to visit Hawaii. It also offers competitive fares and excellent & best customer service.

Flying From JFK to Honolulu

JFK & HNL Airports
For taking the flight to Honolulu from New York then one has to take a flight from the “John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)” and the flight will land at the airport “Honolulu International Airport (HNL)”. Both airports have beautiful gateways for departures and arrivals.

What time can be considered to have a flight from New York to Hawaii?
Every time can be considered to be the best time. One needs to book a flight and enjoy the glimpses of Hawaii. If you consider the fare then you will get the best fare when the rush is not more. You will get affordable and best deals on the ticket in the fall and spring. One can get beautiful seasonal swings in October.

Can I get a New York to Hawaii direct flight?
Yes, you can get a direct flight. Hawaiian Airlines offer many direct flights. Just book in advance. Direct flight costs you more as compared to an indirect flight and likewise, a direct flight takes more time.

How much a flight takes to reach Hawaii from New York?
Direct and Indirect flights are available. The direct flight from New York to Hawaii takes 11 hours and indirect flights take 1-3 hours more depending on the stoppages.

What are the baggage instructions of Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines has a standard baggage policy for travelers. The baggage policy mainly depends upon the departure and arrival destinations. Some of the outlines of the baggage policy are displayed below:

Bags Neighbor Islands North America International & First Class
One $25 $30 Nil
Two $35 $40 Nil
Three or more (Each Bag) $50 $100 150

Note: The baggage charges have to pay at the airport. One can pay online or offline.

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